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As you would already know, Gelato making is time consuming, labour intensive and has a high investment entry. Between our team members we have more than 20 years of gelato making experience. Because we produce our gelato's locally from scratch, we are able to produce endless flavours fresh upon request. We use as much locally sourced ingredients available to support local businesses and the finest imported ingredients to make our gelato.  We believe to have a good gelato, you must first start with great ingredients. 


The long term support of our foodservice customers from five star chain-brand hotels, restaurants and cafes is a testament to our product's quality and services provided.  


How it works? Our dedicated sales team will visit you to ascertain your needs and to share with you our product & services. Once you have decided, you simply order the gelato, we make the gelato fresh and deliver it to your establishment within 2-3 working days. 

Let us help you do part of your work by complimenting your dessert menu with excellent gelato so you can focus on what is important in your business. 

Contract Produce Ice Cream / OEM

Since the beginning, a big part of what we do is Contract Producing or OEM. For OEM projects kindly contact us. We work closely with all our OEM Customers to achieve the results they want starting with designing a suitable recipe to consultation on packaging and distribution. 


What We Do...

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