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Halal  (Jakim)

logo halal JAKIM yang diiktiraf Malaysia

We have currently about 74 milk based gelato, 26 sorbetto flavours and 2 base mixes that are certified Halal by JAKIM based on National Standards MS1500

Food Safety Management System


We are committed in achieving our Food Safety Policy and objectives. We have obtained  HACCP & GMP certification and ISO22000:2018 certification.

Food Safety Policy

Gelatomio Wholesale Sdn Bhd is commited to provide safe food products that comply with mutually agreed customer requirements and local statutory and regulatory requirements, Malaysia Food Act (1983) and Food Regulation (1985)  through the implementation of ISO22000:2018, HACCP Food Safety Management System and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We shall:-

  • Identify, Analyze and control potential food safety hazards associated with the materials and process steps

  • Implement, maintain and continually improve the Food Safety Management System and GMP at all levels and all times

  • Review the Food Safety Management System at planned intervals to ensure its suitability, accuracy and effectiveness

  • Train and educate staffs at all levels to instill food safety and hygiene awareness

  • Have effective communication internally and with suppliers on relevant food safety requirements


Veterinary Health Mark


VHM No. 279

We have obtained our Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) certification from Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia in 2020 for our Ice Cream Products making it easier to export our products. 



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