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“ICE CREAM is HAPPINESS condensed.” – Jessi Lane Adams- 

Italian Ice Cream Push Cart 


Be the talk of the town by having your own italian gelato cart at your event or party. Our gelatos are up to 95% fat free and are made fresh upon order from all natural ingredients. Choose from over 100+ flavours…


Package includes:

  • Service Staff to scoop Ice Cream

  • Cups or cones, spoons and serviettes

  • Take home packaging for leftover ice cream as gifts for guests


Contact us for customizable package details.

Scoop Freezers  & 100ml cups


Simplest way to bring a little more happiness to any event or party. 


Self serve gelato from our scoop freezers or let your guests pick from an assortment of flavours available in 100ml cups.  


Suitable for Corporate events, staff ice cream parties or wedding cocktails.

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