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Company Background


We are simply passionate about Gelato and we want as many people to enjoy our gelato in the food service establishments they visit. Our Vision is to be the largest Artisanal gelato food service producer and supplier in Malaysia. Our Mission is to supply only the best quality gelato and reliable after sales support to the Malaysian food service industry.  

The Company was established in 2012 as part of a joint venture of two established gelato companies namely Premium Buckets Sdn Bhd (est. 2009) and Gelatomio Sdn Bhd (est.2004) to focus on the supply of gelato to the foodservice sector or HO-RE-CA (Hotel, Restaurants and Cafes). The two companies brought synergies to the venture by contributing technical know-how, combined manufacturing facilities and sales network. The main objective was to provide better quality gelato products and service solutions to its customers.  

In April 2015 however, the shareholders of Gelatomio Group decided to dispose 100% of its interest in Gelatomio Sdn Bhd and subsidiary to new parties. These interests consisted of physical assets and liabilities attributed to its Retail Kiosks in various shopping malls and production facility. The "Gelatomio" Brand created in 2004 remained registered to its Founder Mr. Massimo Minneci through his company Sdn Bhd. This left Gelatomio Wholesale Sdn Bhd as the only remaining Company in the former Gelatomio Group to continue its business using the "Gelatomio" brand that has since been successfully transferred to us by its Founder and recorded in MyIPO. 

Despite the colourful change of events, the Company has grown in strength and moved to a new factory location to expand its manufacturing facilities and increase its manufacturing capacity. 

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