24 cups per carton, spoon inside 


Double Chocolate Gelato

Made with Barry Callebaut Belgian Cocoa Powder to give that dark rich chocolate flavour and aroma. 


Vanilla Gelato

We all love Vanilla. Ours is a little more luxurious and is made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans.


Cookies & Cream Gelato

Classic favourite of our creamy fior di latte gelato variegated with crushed chocolate cookies pieces.


Mint & Chocolate Chip Gelato

Another Classic favourite. Our very Minty Gelato Variegated with Straciatella Chocolate Chips Sauce


Black Sesame Gelato

Decadent black sesame gelato made with the finest Japanese Black Sesame Paste (Goma)


Green Tea Gelato

Our top selling flavour Green Tea Gelato is made with only with the finest grade of pure Matcha powder from Japan.


Strawberry Cream Gelato

Fresh strawberries are blended into our fior di latte mix and then variegated with more strawberry pieces.


Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato

For the chocolate & nut lovers. Chocolate and hazelnut cream gelato variegated with roasted hazelnut pieces.


Durian (Musang King) Gelato

Made with the fresh pulp of Musang King Durian hand-picked by our gelato chef for the most authentic durian gelato you will ever taste.


Mango Sorbet

Our top selling sorbet selection. Made simply with lots of mango alphonso fruit for that intense sweet Mango taste.​​​​​​​ 




Gelato 100ml Cup x 24 cups /carton

SKU: GM-S0004
  • Pick up details:

    Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Dry Ice Packs provided F.O.C, however kindly bring your own insulation bag / cooler box. 


    Delivery details:

    •Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

    •Delivery to WP Kuala Lumpur, WP Putrajaya & Selangor (up to 45KM). Please contact us to confirm if we deliver to your area in Selangor.

    Product packed in Insulation bag with Dry Ice Pack may be delivered directly by us /  third party delivery company for same day delivery. 


    Lead Time:

    As we endeavour to produce gelato orders on just in time basis to maintain freshness, we require 2 - 3 business days lead time for pick up or delivery, however you may request same day delivery subject to availability of stock.